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Ceramic Heat Technology™ FAQs

What is Cuisinart® Ceramic Heat Technology™?

Cuisinart® Ceramic Heat Technology™ combines all of the benefits of ceramic stones, with that of a durable and effective,
stainless steel radiant. Together, this unique Ceramic Heat Plate effectively delivers radiant heat to the cooking surface,
for the most even, and consistent cooking temperatures. Additionally, the design prevents flames from coming in direct contact with foods and protects foods from food spoiling flare-ups.

How do you clean the Ceramic Heat Plates? What happens when they become blackened and soiled?

Cleaning is easy. The Ceramic Heat Plates are self-cleaning! Simply turn over all Ceramic Heat Plates to place them in
“CLEAN MODE”. Set the burners on high for 15 minutes to perform a burn off. The ceramic stones will return to a pristine white.
Once cooled, don’t forget to reverse the Ceramic Heat Plates to “Cook Mode” for optimal cooking performance and heat distribution.

Note: Never use a grill brush to clean your Ceramic Heat Plates.

Are the Ceramic Stones easily broken?

The Ceramic Stones are very durable and meant to withstand daily cooking and extreme temperatures. The only time they could become broken is if mishandled (dropping), if proper cleaning is not followed (using a grill brush instead of “Clean Mode”), or if excessive force is used. We know accidents happen, so every Cuisinart® Ceramic 850 Barbecue includes 4 extra ceramic stones, and every Cuisinart® Ceramic Small Spaces includes 2 extra ceramic stones. You can also always contact us to order more.

How do I store my Ceramic Heat Plates if not in use for long periods of time?

If is recommended that you remove your Ceramic Heat Plates, wrap in a towel or newspaper and store indoors in a dry location that is free of humidity.

Can I use my Ceramic Heat Plates in “Clean Mode”?

It is possible to use your Ceramic Heat Plates in “Clean Mode”, however, for optimal cooking performance and the best possible heat distribution characteristics, the Ceramic Heat Plates must be used in “Cook Mode”, which is a “V” position within the BBQs cookbox.

How long should I preheat my BBQ?

Preheat times will depend on the ambient temperatures and your desired BBQ temperature. It is always recommended to allow your BBQ to preheat for approximately 15 minutes, and then adjust the temperature controls according to what you are cooking and the temperatures required.

How hot can my Ceramic BBQ get?

Your Ceramic BBQ is capable of reaching +700°F temperatures, although it is never recommended to cook at such high temperatures. Almost all meals are prepared at a consistent 500°F or lower. It is important to adjust your temperature controls based on the foods you are preparing, to ensure foods are cooked consistently on the outside and inside, or to a desired internal temperature.

Note: Keep in mind that ambient temperatures, a BBQ not well maintained, and cooking fatty or greasy foods can also elevate the temperature of your BBQ.

What barbecue model is Ceramic Heat Technology™ found on?

The Ceramic Heat Technology™ is currently found on the Cuisinart® Ceramic 850 and Cuisinart® Ceramic Small Spaces which come in both natural gas and propane versions.

Where can I purchase a Cuisinart® Ceramic barbecue?

You can purchase a Cuisinart® Ceramic 850 and Ceramic Small Spaces barbecue at your local Canadian Tire store. To find a location near you, click here.

I own a Cuisinart® Ceramic Series Barbecue and have a question specific to this unit. Who should I contact?

Please visit the BBQ 101 section of our website which addresses the most common cooking and maintenance questions. If you still require assistance after visiting our BBQ 101 page, then please contact us.